How quickly do your paints dry?

The drying time of water-based paints is normally 2-6 hours per coating, whereas oil-based paints take anywhere from 8 to 24 hours per coating, as per the specification of the product.

What is the shelf life of your paints?

Our paints last two years under ideal conditions (approx. 25°C).

Is it possible to paint over darker colours?

Yes! Of course, it’s always easier to paint over a lighter colour with a darker one than vice versa. But with the right type and amount of paint coupled with proper technique, you can lighten up your interior if you’d

What does paint primer do?

Paint primer is a preliminary layer of coating that is applied prior to the paint. Its role is to: Cover imperfections on your wall Provide a uniform surface for your paint to stick to. Better adhesion means longer-lasting paint! Create