Stucco Filler

Quick-drying PVA copolymer-based putty with graded fillers that has excellent body filling and flawless coverage.

Acrylic Primer

Water-based primer with alkali resistant sealer properties provides you with excellent quality surface preparation.

PVA Primer

Acrylic copolymer emulsion primer designed for interior purposes and offers excellent hiding and sealing power.

Acrylic Topcoat

Fast-drying acrylic resin based finish with excellent alkaline and weathering resistance that gives you a semi-gloss finish.​

Enamel Semi-gloss

Add a touch of elegance with the glossy finishing of our Enamel Semi-gloss paint, designed for wood, masonry, steel and other surfaces.

Acrylic Emulsion

Acrylic Emulsion Jotech Acrylic Emulsion This water-based acrylic emulsion with its alkali resistant sealer properties provides you with excellent quality when painting exterior cement plaster and concrete substrates. View Technical Datasheet Key Information Dry Time 6-8 hrs for full dry


A superior quality emulsion with a smooth and silky finish that provides improved color experience.

Plastic Emulsion

Water-based acrylic co-polymer paint uniquely crafted to create pure hues of color for your interiors.

Graffio Décor

Acrylic copolymer emulsion based texture finish, reinforced with specific graded hard aggregates and pigments designed for exterior surfaces.

RT Nutex

Acrylic co-polymer emulsion based, textured coating that contains fine aggregates and is used as a decorative topcoat.